Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kurti or Kameez of Pakistani Style in shop

woolen sweaters for ladies very stylish in Pakistan.

two rows of colorful kurtis for wearing with pants or trouser as a fashion in karachi, Pakistan.

summer kurti or kameez for stylish and fashion looks.

kurtis pants shirts hand bags shop full view.

all style of kurtis fashion and style of Pakistan.

stylish slippers in shop

white and black slippers or sandals beautiful in Karachi, Pakistan.

silver white white silver cute and elegant.

shoe shop full capture with beautiful heels.

party wear and casual colorful sandals or small heels.

cute shiny shoes stylish for young girls.

bridal styled heels shiny and glorious beautiful and stylish.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colorful handbags for holding in hands

black brown color with white good combination handbags.

beautiful different colored strips joined in a handbag.

beautiful and slim light colored handbags easy to carry and stylish.

beautiful and slim dark and bright colored handbags easy to carry and stylish.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pure Black Heels

superb black heels with ribbon on back.

black square designed heel with shine.

black shoe with pearls and small heel.

black shiny heels with ribbon on front.

black pencil heel with some diamonds on front.

beautiful long black heels very stylish.

beautiful capture of beautiful black heels.

beautiful black heels and nice front of shoes.

Colorful handbags for hanging

yellow antique looking handbag with brown jewel.

superb pure black small and cute handbag very decent with bow.

cute small pink hand bag with strips.

brown black handbag with beautiful triangle as a lock.

blue antique looking handbag with brownish lock.

beautiful red handbag with flower and alphabet for hanging.

Brown handbags

silver brown handbag with many pockets.

handbags of brown shades with two pockets in front.

golden brown handbag with golden chain for hanging.

dark brown colored bag for carrying books.

White Handbags

white silver colored hand bag looks beautiful.

white handbag with pockets and square stitches.

white handbags with brown vertical lines in center.

white comfortable and soft handbag with cross stitches.

beautiful white handbag with a simple touch of brown.

dresses with different styles

one fluffy bottomed dress and one straight silky.

one dress two styles with and with out cloth in the bottom.

one dress two other pose one from back and one front view.

different styles of white wedding dress three with and three tube styled.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Colorful Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses with light brown bottom frill designs.

Cream colored wedding dresses with beautiful top designs.

Beautiful white wedding dresses with fluffy and frilly bottoms.

Beautiful cream colored wedding dresses with trains.

Beautiful colored wedding dresses.

Pure White Wedding Dress

Six beautiful white wedding dresses having long trains.

Six beautiful white brides modeling with sofa.

Pure white wedding shaffon dresses modeling with sofa.

Nine beautiful white brides' collage.

Beautiful white wedding dresses with simple touch of brown.