Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dark clouds and Rain

three dark clouds patches.

Morning rain and lots of water and no human being on roads.

full dark clouds and covered sky.

dark and bright clouds over a not so clean building in Karachi, Pakistan.

clouds and only clouds dark and grey.

Rainy Weather Scenes from window

view from the window of apartments showing the sky after heavy rain shower.

scene from window showing rainy weather.

scene from a window showing dark clouds.

picture from inside the room the showing rainy weather.

Dark Clouds over Buildings

some birds and blue white and then dark sky.

showing a blue patch between the dark and bright clouds.

grey and black clouds rainy weather in Karachi, Pakistan.

dark scene showing dark clouds on the buildings.

dark and rain clouds and no wind.

blue then white and then dark sky over the buildings after the rain in karachi.