Monday, December 13, 2010

Dark and Bright Clouds after and before rain

scattering dark clouds over buildings after rain.

patches of bright clouds in dark sky.

most dark clouds on top left.

mixing of dark and light clouds.

mixed light dark clouds.

glowing from the dark clouds after rain.

dark dark clouds before rain.


  1. Cooooooool yaar ! Wao! I love dark clouds. They are in deepest of my heart.

    which camera you used

    1. Thank you so much RaMaN for your appreciation :) I used the Nikon Cool Pix camera :)

    2. Though you replied me. I'm seeing it now. Where you live? I guessed you're an Indian but you are from any other part. I loved you rain pics :) I also want to share one with you shot from my local. That is a rain video. BTW you don't seem active on this blog now. So how come I can contact you..

  2. ye 2nd last vali to bahut hi mast hai